Will Kanye West Be Able To Bounce Back After Meltdown? (Video)

Will Kanye West be able to bounce back after the mental meltdown? On November 20th, Kanye set a firestorm by way of ranting about Jay-Z, Beyonce, Dj Khaled and more. As of result the father of two was arrested and hospitalize being treated for mental illness and has yet to be released from UCLA Medical Center.

Doctors are saying Kanye West is suffering from dehydration and sleep deprivation, something no entertainer wants to come in contact with for many reasons more than one. If one is not getting enough rest he or she could become a victim of hallucinations and paranoia sort of like a PCP patient.

There are thousands of conspiracy theories as to why someone as powerful as Kanye would even be considered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but it’s happened to the best of stars such as Martin Lawrence and others.

There’s a lot of things to consider Kanye’s epic rant during his Saint Pablo Tour. The Wife and mother of his kids was robbed and was mentally shaken up after what occurred. That can be one scenario right there. Your wife gets robbed and you don’t know where it came from is enough to make any man breakdown.

Kanye West is known to rant and raise eyebrows so to the public they’re are looking at it as Kanye just being Kanye. Prayerfully Kanye West gets through this and gets back to his fashion, producing and music because he’s too great of a talent to be publicly shamed like this.

Currently, Kim Kardashian-West is by her husband side during this minor setback as a good woman should be. This has to be a lot of unwanted stress on someone who recently experienced what she endured while attending Paris Fashion Week October 2nd, but it’ll make their relationship even stronger.

The support level for Kanye West is increasing with rappers like Twista, DMX, Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip, Kid Cudi and more sending well wishes to Chicago Native. We’ll continue to keep Kanye in our prayers as he recovers from this minor hiccup.

Check out one of our favorite tracks by Kanye West below, leave your thoughts.

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