Why Ronda Rousey Shouldn’t Retire After Brutal Loss But Take Up Boxing!

Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey has suffered another brutal loss to Amanda Nunes within 48 seconds in the first round. This was her second flat performance stemming from a beating she took from 35-year old Holly Holm last year in upsetting fashion. Ronda’s fighting style is not the cause as to why she suffered another L, it’s because she only has a few fighting styles that won’t be enough to go against women that are trained to box.

Grappling, sweeping legs, submissions, and all that other stuff works but if she wants to be a complete UFC fighter then we highly suggest that her coaches/managers look for one of the best boxing trainers in the game. Who would be a good boxing coach for Ronda? Boxing Hall Of Famer Freddie Roach would be a good pick, and Floyd SR., if he’s feeling up to it, after a minor trade between his son and Ronda.

Mentally when you get knocked down the first time it remains in the back of your mind like a splinter, but you have to remember what got you this far. Reiterating what’s next for Ronda: She needs to take as much time off as possible to think about her future in UFC fighting.

On the other hand, Rousey is not a bad looking woman, and she’s already displayed her nice body in magazines before so who knows, maybe if she’s had enough of extreme fighting she’ll do modeling full time. Check out a clip below of Ronda and Amanda below, and let us know whether or not if she should retire.


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