Who Is Kara “Simba” Halsey?

Who is Kara “Simba” Halsey? A woman that has been on her journey to connect and share her talents with the world. I’ve conducted a Q&A with Kara and she didn’t hold back on telling me everything we need to know about who she is and where she’s going. Check it out below and enjoy.

What Is Your Name: 

Kara Halsey: Most people know me as Simba or “that Simba dancer”. My real name is Kara Halsey. Simba is my stage name that actually came from a childhood nickname. When I was in college, I had a giant blonde and brown afro before and around campus people would associate my hair with Simba from Lion King. I like to think the name now captures the essence of what a black woman is: grace, beauty, majesty, and passion.

Tell Us What City Or State You Were Born In And How Old Are You?:

Kara Halsey: I was born here in Washington, D.C., but we moved from Largo to Annapolis, MD where I grew up. It was a cool little city but I always hung out around Prince George’s County and DC because I loved the art that surrounded the area. I’ve always had this… modern-day 90s vibe to me and loved being able to explore that when I was in the city or surrounding areas. I’m 26 years old. I’ll be 27 in April.

Tell Us How You Started Out Dancing:

Kara Halsey: I started dancing around the age of 3. My mom is a dancer and my dad is a drummer. Mom took classes when she was younger and my dad is actually self-taught. The rhythm was always in me. My mom put me in classes and I believe the first style I learned was jazz. Then ballet. Then African.

I took interest in Horton Modern, Contemporary and of course Hip Hop. I grew up listening to whatever tunes my dad would play around the house which was a mix of jazz-funk or 90s/2000s hip hop. When I was younger (not sure if he remembers this), he played No Diggity on the speakers and we had a “dance-off”.

Around 16 or so, I started to lean more towards hip hop because it felt natural to my soul. I understood it’s bounce. I picked up an interest in Krump around 19 after watching Rize and I just remember thinking it’s African movement but in street culture. The rest was history.

Who Are Some Of Your Inspirations In Your Field Of Work?:

Kara Halsey: Oh my, so many people. Jamaica Craft, HiHat, Jessica Castro, Fatima, Luam, Galen Hooks, Sean Bankhead, RT Brothas, Mijo, Tight Eyex, Prissy, Daisy, Janet Jackson, Janelle Monae, Teyana Taylor, Paris Goebel; there are so many people to name. Most importantly, I can’t say it’s been just one person or people that have inspired me. I’m constantly inspired by the art around me whether it be people, places or my own life experiences. 

Are You Currently Working And Where Do You See Your Skills Taking You In The Future?

Kara Halsey: Currently I’m working in overnight travel to pay the bills and constantly training, traveling and building my portfolio. I would love to work with some of the artists I’ve named. I’m currently doing krump battles all over the states as well which is pretty dope because I’m traveling to states I never thought I would be able to visit.

I’m also diving into the model industry as well to showcase the diversity in beauty standards. In terms of my commercial side of dance, I’m really focusing on networking and performing more. I will be working more with music artists, touring, performing in more dance videos, being featured in dance films and tv shows

I want to create stories that people can watch and relate to. Most importantly, I’m here to inspire others and show them you really can wake up every day doing something you love. As long as God is pleased with me and I am inspiring, everything that comes along in this journey is a blessing. 

Thank You Kara “Simba” Halsey For Sharing So Much. Very Insightful, the world has learned a lot about you and I see continued success in your future. Before we let you go, tell your new audience where they can reach out to you?

Kara Halsey: @eyez_of_simba Sheissimba@yahoo.com. Kara Simba Halsey – FB

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