What Have The Redskins Learned From Facing Greenbay Packers In The Playoffs?

The Washington Redskins are coming off of a 20-26 victory over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday at FedEx Field. Washington’s defense played a major role in getting the W but would be faced with a Greenbay Packers team whose records doesn’t show who they really are. Aaron Rogers and the Cheese has lost 4 of 5 of their games dropping below 500 since Rogers took over as their gun-slinger.

Redskins defense knows all to well how Rogers perform under pressure dating back to a playoff game where Washington fell to the Packers 35-18. I’ll never forget how comfortable Rogers was facing a depleted Redskins defense that wasn’t quite ready for Rogers and his experience.

What killed the Redskins chances of winning that playoff game? Aaron was calling a lot of no-huddle plays, caught ’em off guard with too many men on the field amongst other things. Redskins Defense needs to be prepared for Greenbay doing whatever it takes to win come Sunday in FedEx field.

Though Washington has been keeping opposing teams from scoring more than 24 points per game, it won’t be enough if their offense is a two-touchdown / field goal prone team this week. Coach Jay Gruden will be looking to mix things up against Greenbay this time around. You won’t see the same Redskins from last year that I can tell you for sure.

However, Greenbay’s OLB Julius Peppers told the media that he can guarantee a Win against Washington Sunday night, and here’s what he say “We’re going to win this week.”. This confidence comes out of the mouth of a team that was mauled by the Tennessee Titans 47-25, and if the Redskins are scoring over 24 points I like the chances of Washington beating Greenbay 30 to 24.

Washington is not playing for pride right now being in the hunt of a potential playoff birth. The team is current 5-3-1 coming in at 3rd place in an NFC East that’s highly competitive this year.

Keys To Victory For The Washington Redskins VS The Greenbay Packers!

Washington’s defense will need to bring extra lungs with them for Aaron’s No Huddle Offense. Put up more than 26 points if they wanna go 6-3-1. Run the ball right up their gut to open up play-actions and bootleg plays.

Make Aaron Rogers uncomfortable for four quarters straight. Execute plays that are being called no matter what it is because execution will lead to positive yards will bring a positive result.

Stay penalty free and that’s it, the game won if they can do those things come Sunday night at FedEx field.

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