What Does Bun B And Snoop Dogg Have In Common?

What does Rapper Bun B and Snoop Dogg have in common? Well, both rappers has been in Hip Hop for over 20-years, and they both smoke weed. They also share similar stories that has impacted their lives for the greater good. Bun B gave an untold story to BET Networks on how Pimp C (RIP) persuaded him to stay with his wife (Angela Walls) despite people on the outside looking in saying otherwise.

Snoop Dogg has gone publicly noting that if it wasn’t for 2Pac convincing to stay with his girlfriend (Shante Broadus) at the time he wouldn’t have had the wife he has today. The character of both 2Pac and Pimp C shows what kind of guys they were deep down inside even though they’ve rapped about being pimps and players. Mad kudos to Pimp C and 2Pac for being a voice of reason when these guys couldn’t for themselves.

Check out both interviews of Bun B and Snoop giving credit to their beloved Brothers.

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