Washington Redskins Torched The Greenbay Packers 42-24!

Washington Redskins made one hell of a statement against the Greenbay Packers last night at FedEx field. A blowout is an understatement to the performance Washington put on under the bright lights, and I think it’ll carry their confidence over into their remaining games. Aaron Rogers didn’t bring anything special to the field last night except for his go for it on fourth down mechanics but Redskins Defense brought extra lungs with them to rise to the occasions.

Kirk Cousins was on FIRE last night completing 21 passes out of 30, 375 yards, 3 Touchdowns, and a quarterback rating of 145.8. Pretty impressive for a QB a lot of people didn’t give a chance at winning against Aaron Rogers and The Packers under the big lights.

DeSean Jackson has been battling injuries here and there but was ready to go and help his team redeem themselves after losing to Greenbay in the playoffs, 2015. Jackson was targeted 4 times for 51 yards and a game-changing touchdown that was much needed. Hats off to D.Jack.

Pierre Garcon balled out with 7 receptions, 117 yards and a beautiful touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins to further the lead. What an incredible player this guy is. Glad he’s on this team.

Jamison Crowder Continues to be a serious threat whenever you put the ball in this guy hands. Crowder hauled in 3 receptions, 102 yards with his longest play being a 53-yard bomb from Kirk Cousins for a touchdown. This guy is special, and I think Redskins Front office will keep him around for years to come.

Jordan Reed may not have gotten a touchdown pass yesterday from Kirk Winfrey, but his impact on the game at the tight end position is always a force to be reckoned with. Reed hauled in 5 catches for 79 yards for the Redskins offense, adding more momentum.

Rob Kelley had his first 100 + game since High school with 3 pairs of touchdowns that have the entire NFL scratching their heads like “Ummm… They call him (Fat Rob) Right?”…lol Yeah was his nickname definitely didn’t match what the world saw on prime football last night, and Washington Redskins fans and coaches gotta love what they’re seeing out of this kid. He’s a natural, and getting better every week as he approaches December.

Coach Jay Gruden shocked the [Explitive] out of a lot of people, including myself with three gutsy calls that were totally unexpected. It seemed like everything Washington coaching staff called seem to click for them all night long, and I know Redskin players couldn’t be any more prouder of their offensive coaching staff. Hats off to Jay Gruden.

Washington will have a short week just like their NFC-East Divison Rival the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are red-hot right now, whooping up on anything that comes their way, but how? Rookie Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. These rookies are making NFL opponents put some “Respek” on their names with an impressive record of 9-1.

How will Washington Beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day? I’m not going to disclose that information to the public because then the Cowboys will know what hit’em. JOKE! The Key to beating the Dallas Cowboys is to stop running back Ezekiel Elliott legs from churning and breaking for big yards. He’s a strong back you cannot tackle up top or he’ll make you look pretty stupid.

Dak Prescott only game is his bootlegs /play actions, something he used very well against the Redskins in their 1st meeting this year, and it killed them. Pocket collapsing around him he’ll take off running like Russell Wilson, Or a Robert Griffin III. How to stop it? Corner Blitz will keep him honest every down. As I told you in the last article concerning Greenbay, the Cowboys will not be facing the same team they played against earlier this year, and I can assure you Washington will give it all they have to come out on top.

Check out our guy Louie Tee breakdown yesterday game, and let us know what you think.


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