Was Kirk Cousins Intentional Grounding Call Against The Saints Incorrect?

The Washington Redskins fail short against the New Orleans Saints 31-34 yesterday at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. What seemed to be a for sure victory in the eyes of many that were watching turned into an 8-Game winning streak for the Saints, but there was one controversial call on QB Kirk Cousins for intentional grounding that could’ve changed the course of the game according to league sources.

There are no moral victories in the National Football League but it’s safe to say had it not been for that incorrect call The Washington Redskins would’ve beaten The New Orleans Saints on the road. They should make rule changes within in the NFL that centers around incorrect calls like yesterday. Games where incorrect calls are made the same day or next should be ruled as Void to give both teams the benefit of the doubt due to bad officiating.

Or, let both teams have a rematch in territory they’re unfamiliar with including new refs. It’s only fair right? This is not to say that the Washington Redskins didn’t have a hand in hurting themselves in this game because there were several mistakes they’ve made that would’ve stalled a victory- intentional grounding or not.

Slope only gets slippery for a Washington team with playoff hopes in their vision, but they have went on winning streaks and shocked the world of sports before and they can do it again. Thanks for reading, Check out Highlights below.

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