Wale “Groundhog Day” (J Cole Response)

Wale wasn’t too fond of J Cole subliminally dissing a lot of artist on his latest track “False Prophets” , so he wasted no time getting in the booth to record “Groundhog Day”. The intro to Wale’s song starts out like this below.

“I know since I got my deal, then sh*t got real I ain’t been the easiest n*gga to deal with. I’m heavily flawed but far from a False Prophet. I’m a mother f*cking honorable Folarin, Cassius Muhammad, Gregor Mcconnor of these rap artist”

Wale goes into verse mode saying “The most highly underrated of my generation behind them crooked smiles n*ggas neglect to embrace me.” Well, clear and direct shots from the lyrical hot-spitter, and we’re wondering if Cole will respond to Wale’s response? We think so.

However, this good for Hip Hop culture to remain competitive and lyrical, an ingredient that was placed in our culture since the very beginning of its existence. Check out Wale’s Brand New single below, and let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Wale Seen with JCole together at a Basketball game after “Groundhog Day” diss. As we expected between these two, it’s just sparring with your brother in the sport of Hip Hop. Glad to see it like this any day of the year.

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