The Washington Redskins Lose On The Road To Dallas 26-31!

The Washington Redskins lose on the road to the Dallas Cowboys 26-31 in a hard fought battle at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas. While many are excusing the Redskins lost to Dallas for having a short week, some are suggesting Cowboys had one too, so they’re no excuses. Me personally, I think that’s over-working NFL players when they have to play back-to-back games like yesterday.

However, Washington Redskins manage to put up over 500 yards against a red-hot Cowboy Defense which is saying and exposing a lot to their future opponents, maybe even the Skins in post-season. How was Dallas able to beat a Washington Team who saw the red zone more than 4 times? Cowboys time of possession.

Redskins Defense kept Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott under a 100 yards but with two clutch touchdowns, it didn’t make a difference if the rookie was stalled under 50. Dak Prescott threw for 195 yards, completing 17 of his 24 attempts and one touchdown by way of his legs.

Kirk Cousins played out of his mind AKA playing like he was on crack, as I would like to say about his performance. Cousins threw for 449 yards, 3 touchdowns, connecting 41 out of 53 passes. Number 8 made history yesterday for most 400 yard games in Redskin franchise history. Proud of Cousins. Keep Balling HARD!.

Jordon Reed suffered a nasty hit in which he was forced to leave the game, but came back like Superman giving the Redskins two touchdowns to give them a shot at beating the Cowboys. Injury report suggested that Reed had separated an AC joint in his shoulders, but it says a lot about your tight end when he can come back and help your team like that.

DeSean Jackson to me is the official Cowboy killer. How so? Let’s just say he reminds me a lot of what former wide receiver Santana Moss whenever he gets up for big rivalry games like yesterday. Jackson hauled in 4 receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown.

Hopefully, Washington’s front office will consider keeping the elite WR around for years to come, because he’s totally worth every cent of his big play-making abilities.

Coach Jay Gruden is becoming an NFL coach favorite with his gusty calls he pulled off last week against the Greenbay Packers, but also against the Cowboys. Jay called for an onside kick in which I thought was pretty confusing giving it was the 4th quarter with 9 minutes and some change on the clock.

Like I mentioned before, I like this approach from Jay Gruden because it shows that this team has a coach who is not scared to call plays fans wanna see, even if it doesn’t go as planned. Coaches call plays to be executed, players get the assignment to execute the calls. If I’m coach Gruden, I’d stick to the Gusty antics down the road, just my gut and opinion.

Josh Norman and Dez Bryant Will be a match-up for ages I see. Both players saw action against one another in the past but never got as physical as they did yesterday. So, who won that battle between CB and WR? Josh Norman hands down, even though Dez thinks otherwise.

Well if you’re a mega-star like Dez going up against a ball-hawk like Norman, there is no excuse for you not to catch at least 7 balls for over a 100 yards. Though Dez was targeted 5 times and racked up 72 yards, it’s not enough to say to the media “Washington Needs To Get Thier Money Back”, said Bryant.

The Officiating Crew from yesterday’s game did one heck of a job letting both teams play the game fans and players love. There were hardly any penalties being called yesterday though there were some plays that should’ve been flagged but there’s nothing like a non-biased officiation crew. Kudos to the Refs.

Overall, I’ll grade the Redskins performance a cool A+ despite the loss and here’s why. Whether anyone wants to talk about this or not, Washinton has found their Identity with a lethal passing attack and now a running game that’s coming along smoothly.

Washington has enough weapons on offense to get the job down each and every Sunday. The Defense will be the main concern for Washington heading into the off-season, but there’re pieces in place already that can take them to the playoffs this year.

What’s ahead for Washington? Two road games in which Washington can easily beat but not take likely. Check out The Redskins remaining schedule below, followed by our guy Louie Tee breakdown of yesterday’s game.

The Washington Redskins remaining schedule


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