The Game Wants To Squash Beef With Meek Mill?

Nobody stays young forever and I’m not taking about in age, I’m speaking on wisdom and growth. Meek Mill has had his fair share of beefs with a few rappers with Drake being one of his toughest and The Game which was his last one, I think, I’m not sure. The Game took to his Instagram handle to express his growth and support for the Philadelphia native stating that the two had beef that “Could’ve Ended In Bloodshed either way”, and how they were able to narrow down their differences and talk it out like grown men.

Had beef wit a nigga that could’ve ended in bloodshed either way. We had differences but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music. As young African American men we grew up in similar situations where a lifespan for us was 21 years of age & that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we come from think we’ll never make it to.

I say all that to say, life is short & the day after @meekmill got out of jail, he called me & we talked for an hour.. not about the beef but about new beginnings & what the future holds for us as seasoned hip hop artists. That was a few months back & my nigga has done everything he said he would do in the conversation we had. Real nigga shit, I never wished jail on you & I was genuinely happy when you got released. I said it over the phone & I’ll say it again.. “Welcome Home” nigga.. #Championships I support it & everything else hip hop. #Growth #LoveIsLove

Whether Meek Mill take this olive branch and agree to terms of fully deadening what they once had is yet to be determined, but as mentioned in the IG post, the two have spoke on the phone and made amends, so that’s a great start.

I personally think all rappers should take the violence out of Hip Hop, and do away with the old Biggie & 2Pac unfortunate situation. Hip Hop was not designed to harm anyone physically and the competitiveness of it should remain on wax.

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