Tank Covers SWV’s Classic Single “Rain” And Nails It (Video)

R&B Singer Tank shows off his skills on the piano and covered SWV’s classic single “Rain”, which was released almost 20 years ago. The song comes from SWV’s 3rd studio album “Release Some Tension” which exceeded well over 500,000 units according to the Recording Industry Association.

Note: Tank only gives you a minute of this SWV cover and after you watch it you’re gonna want him to cover the whole thing. Don’t know if Tank made a tribute album as of yet but it would be pretty dope if fans can get that kind of project from him.

Also, you may be in for some Christmas music coming from the “TGT” singer soon, so be on the lookout for it any day now. Check out Tank covering SWV below, and let know what you think. What did we think? He did an amazing job within 58 seconds. Kudos

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