Sista Sasha Feat. Chuck Fenda “Sticky Situation/Natty Dread” (Video)

Remember reggae singer Sasha from Sean Paul’s hit single/video “I’m Still In Love With You”? Well, she’s been on a spiritual journey over the years making Christian music as of late. A couple days back she released visuals to her latest song “Sticky Situation/ Natty Dread” featuring Chuck Fenda.

On this single, she touched on two lovers in a relationship but faith-backgrounds differ between the two leaving them in an awkward situation we’re sure many religious believers can relate too.

For an example: You’re a devout Christain who believes in the Holy Bible, but you’re dating a man who lives and dies by the religion of King Haile Selassi. Even though both religions praise the same God, it doesn’t necessarily mean they follow the same values. Crazy right? Yeah, we know it is…lol

Check out Sista Sash’s brand new video below, and don’t forget to share this on social media.

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