Should Other Celebrities Rally Around Diddy To Buy The Carolina Panthers?

Breaking news broke over the weekend that Carolina Panther owner Jerry Richardson is reportedly selling his team, and he already has a predecessor in Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs ready to buy it. This will make history if it were happen simply because there’s never been a Afro American person to own a NFL Team, though there is celebs who have shares in some.

How would Diddy fit as a NFL team owner? Well, you do know the Harlem born native is very creative, innovative, inspirational, and superb businessman when it comes to doing business. Over the last 20 + years of Mr. Combs career, anything he’s touched turned into gold from music, fashion, fragrances, you name it, Diddy made it work.

The Impossible Is Possible: Some are saying it’ll be a longshot for a Afro American celebrity to own a NFL Team, and we can bet you any amount of money (Well, Not Any Amount Of Money) those same doubters said the same thing about former president Barack Obama, but he ran our country for 8 straight years.

Should Other Celebs Rally Around Diddy To Get The Panthers? Absolutely! and here’s why: There’s strength in numbers,and when the people(s) come together for one common goal they can break down impossible barriers, just think about Jay Z’s Tidal streaming services and how well it’s doing today.

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