Should Daniel Snyder Consider Giving Colin Kaepernick A Job?

Washington has been thin at the quarterback position since Alex went out for the season. Many have thought (including myself) that back-up quarterback Colt McCoy could come in and deliver and he did somewhat but even he was ruled out for the season against the Eagles. Prior to Colt McCoy getting the starting job, Skins front office went out and pulled in former Jets QB Mark Sanchez which in the way made sense but his statistics says otherwise. Now with Sanchez being the only man under center, the Redskins are once again for the second time this season quarterback shopping.

Who should they pull in off the streets to keep Washington’s playoff hopes alive? There’s not too many out there, However, Colin Kaepernick could be the answer. Should Daniel Snyder consider giving Kaepernick a job?

I can’t see why not and here’s why: Colin’s protest sent “Private Club Owners” of the NFL into a fit thinking he was bringing distractions to the game. What made matters worse is the fact that a lot of fans felt the same way and wanted nothing to do with the NFL had Colin been given another chance. Colin did not intend to distract the game but police brutality on his people (Afro Americans) were at a all time high and his heart bled in a way he couldn’t help but take a stance.

Why did he do it in his place of business? To raise awareness to a problem that needs fixing and it was done peacefully. I’m willing to bet had he known the outcome of the position he took he would’ve reconsidered taking the knee. Why? because even after the league let him go he still wanted to play; oppose to a man on a mission that clearly knows what the outcome will be if he did such.

So set the politics aside and let’s state facts 1 on 1: No. 7 is the best candidate for Washington going forward. It can’t be any worse than signing Reuben Foster which currently under investigation for domestic abuse.

So if in fact the NFL protects their players from ridicule but punish them at the sametime, how would it look for the league to frown upon bad but protect it and turn their noses up to good and be completely done with it?

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