Ronald Moten, Tony Lewis, And Tony Redz Talks Anwan “Big G” Glover (Video)

Peace-A-Holics activist Ronald Moten, Tony Lewis and Tony Redz speaks on the many accolades of Washington D.C.’s own Anwan “Big G” Glover of the Backyard Band. One of his many accomplishments that stands out to me is how he was able to rise above the street life in the city, squashing age old beefs, and giving back to the community. I can remember it like it was yesterday to see someone with local legendary status such as Big Genghis make his debut acting in HBO’s “The Wire” and saying to myself “Uh Oh, They Have Let Us In, And Now It’s On”…lol

I referred Big G’s making in the acting world as a huge win for us here in D.C. because there wasn’t too many entertainers from the gutter parts of our city that made it out and kept it going. The old saying goes you are as only good as your leader and that saying fits the 43-Year legend well.

Anwan has taken his band all around the world with Africa being one of the highlights of their ongoing mission to spread D.C. GoGo music globally. He’s recently dropped the sequel to his signature Ewing shoes, and is currently working behind the scenes to ready season 2 of Transitions web series.

Tonight you can catch Big G and The Backyard Band LIVE at Echo stage in N.E. D.C. where he’ll be celebrating his birthday and you’ll get a Reunion and more. Happy Birthday to the man who put Uptown D.C. on his back and been carrying it to the max like none other ever since, Anwan “Big G” Glover. Thanks for reading. Checkout the video below.


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