Rolling Up A Backwood Leaf 1 On 1 With Twista (Video)

Chi-town legend Twista is well known for his fast spittin’-lyrical rhymes and endless hit records over the years, and if you’ve been studying the 43-year old’s lyrics you should know he’s been smoking pot for a very long time. Twista conducted a video tutorial on rolling up a backwood leaf step by step, and in the process of showing you how it’s done, he was higher than a son

If you smoke weed or know somebody who does what was there experience like for the first time rolling up this famous leaf? We’ve heard stories about weed-smokers rolling with backwoods with 50% of 1st-timers having the worse experience trying to cut through the vein of the leaf, let alone unraveling it.

The other 50% of 1st-timers has had success and wouldn’t use any other rolling paper to smoke their kush in. Check out Twista’s rolling skills below, and let us know what you think.

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