Rich Homie Quan Talks Not Knowing He Had A Baby Until 5-Years Later (Video)

ATL Rapper Rich Homie Quan sat down with Vlad TV to open up about not knowing he had a baby boy until he was 5-Years old. When you’re young and vibrant most times youth are “Caught Up In the Moment”, and they’re looking for the next thrill. What a lot of young people fail to realize is some actions you may take in your younger days may follow you into adulthood.

The 28-Year Old mentioned that the mother of his child did not want to claim him as the father back then because she wasn’t sure. Rich Homie later stated in the interview that there was someone (Another Man) holding the baby down while he didn’t know he was a dad, but later both biological parents took to DNA testing to find out Quan was indeed the father.

Currently Quan is the father of 3-Boys and when asked if he’d be interested in creating a girl he laughed it off and said “Nah”.  Brief interview below.

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