Revisiting Tye Tribett’s “Work It Out” Hit Single A Year Later (Audio)

Pastor/ Gospel singer Tye Tribett rocked radio airwaves back in 2016 with his hit single “Work It Out” which comes from his latest album The Bloody Win. Why are we revisiting this song one year later after it’s initial release you may ask? Well, as mentioned in a music related article earlier this year, we don’t have a time limit on great music and not in those words, but Tye’s hit single has never been written up on this site and it’s better late than never.

What do we like about this Gospel Banger? It has everything in it from a Hip Hop feel infused with gospel, rock, and a dope choir. More importantly it grasp the ears of the youth with a message of hope for a better tomorrow.

Check out Tye Tribett’s Gospel Banger below to start your week off right.

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