Reggie Wright Jr. Believes 2Pac Was Claiming Blood Before His Demise!

Former Deathrow Employee Reggie Wright Jr. sat down with Vlad TV to discuss a lot of things surrounding the golden years of that label. In part 12 of this interview, Wright claimed that rapper 2pac was well on his way to repping the red flag simply because of his affiliations. In some pictures and even interviews one can make the case that he was claiming to be a blood-gang member and it didn’t make it any better that he had M O B tatted on him.

Here’s why I disagree with Reggie Wright Jr. though: 2Pac  started one of the biggest movements in Hip Hop History with Thug Life. The movement became so powerful that in a 1990’s interview that Shakur himself said he had thousands of people down to ride with him and even in prison some older G’s wanted him to lead their movement.

Contrary to what many perceived to be a gang movement in 2pac’s Thug Life, it was a plan to empower his people, specifically the young black males. Shakur believed that if you empowered the Black man, it will strengthen the Black woman and child.

Only God and 2pac knows why he decided to fall for the bait on that unfaithful night back in 1996. The heart of this man and his ideas clearly didn’t represent that of a gang-banging mentality. He was caught up in the right place at the wrong time.

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