N.O.R.E Tries THC Lemonade & Chicken Wings For The 1st Time (Video)

The say a picture is worth a thousands words and we’re kindly asking our readers to caption N.O.R.E.’s still shot right now. What is he thinking? Or should we say what did he get himself into?..lol Incase you wasn’t Hip to N.O.R.E’s new show “On The Run Eating”, it’s a spinoff off of “Drink Champs” but with a different twist and cast.

N.O.R.E & the homies traveled to the city of Las Vegas to meet up with Hip Hop Royalty in Onyx, Ice-T, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah to get their eat/drink on while relaxing and enjoying themselves. What stood out the most to us in this latest episode is when they met up with cannabis chef Kristal Chamblee, the woman who’s responsible for introducing N.O.R.E and others to THC Lemonade & Chicken Wings.

Will they take serious precautions with consuming these edibles or will they go all the way in and say “F*** IT”? Check out the video below and get ready to be entertained.

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