MrZnote – I Don’t Care (Official Video)

Who is MrZnote? He’s an inspiring rapper from the east coast who didn’t mind sharing with our readers a little bit about himself. Before you check out his latest single “I Don’t Care” Get to know who MrZnote is in his own words below.

So When Did You Start Rapping?

MrZnote: I started rapping at age 16 after my brother died as a way to deal with my grief. It started as poetry but quickly turned to hip hop. Over the next few months, I would become obsessed with writing songs to any random beats I could find. (Like video game beats. No bullsh*t) I grew up in a time period where hip hop was centered around punch lines and freestyle battles.

Your Fans May Want To Know How Did You Come Up With The Name MrZNote?

MrZnote: I remember getting the latest 2 Raw For The Streets videos and watching them over and over again. Eventually, I ended up in a studio for the first time when I was 18. I was dubbed the name Z-Note and it stuck. I added the Mr later. The studio was just a mic and a computer with low-level pro tools. I spit my heart out for the next year and produced pure garbage.

That’s What’s Up. Hip Hop Is A Constant Grind, And The Old Saying Goes “If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat So How Did You Manage To Make Ends Meet?

MrZnote: I worked at a chicken joint and saved enough money to produce my next attempt at an album. Over the next few years, I performed those songs in countless venues in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

Any Other Skills Such As Producing Or Beat Making Your New Audience May Not Know About MrZNote? And Oh Yeah, What’s Up With The Mask?

MrZnote: 15 or more years later I have produced a new album that will slowly be trickled out and then released on all major platforms. My goal is marketing to anyone and everyone. I will slide into DMs or hand you a flyer on the street. People keep asking me about my mask. To that, I have one thing to say….what mask?

Who’s Your Top Five MC’s D.O.A?

MrZnote: Eminem, Nas and Az, Jay z, 2pac and Biggie, Big L. And I have currently been playing the hell out of Logic and Eminem’s homicide.

Thanks For Sharing That With Us MrZnote. Tell The Fans Where You’re From And Where They Can Contact You
MrZnote: I’m from Philadelphia, Pa, and they can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at MrZNote. I have a website they can hit me on as well

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