Michelle Blackwell “Body Of Work” (Short Film Musical)

Michelle Blackwell delivers a nice project to get your summer started with Body Of Work which is her debut album title and it comes with 12 tracks with special features from Choppa Black, Killa Cal, and DJ Kool. Whether you’re a fan of D.C. GoGo music or not I think you’ll appreciate what this album has to bring to the table because there’s different sound elements to it that won’t box your ears into the norm.

Songs that stood out to me on this album were “This Be GoGo”, “Enjoy My Self”, Party Mode (Jazz/ GoGo Remix”), Ride It Out” and “Reminisce Remix”. Check out Michelle’s Brand new video below and don’t forget to click the link above to support indie artist rising to the top.

1. Intro (The Cranktrix)
2. This Be Gogo ft Choppa Black
3. Enjoy Myself
4. Calling You Out
5. Crank Shaming
6. Partymode (Remix) In E minor
7. Ride It Out
8. Dear Future Husband
9. Bounce Remix ft DJ Kool
10. Get Me Remix
11. Reminisce Remix ft Killa Cal
12. God Works

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