Mad Skillz Takes Aim At Uncle Murda With “Murda Gram” (Audio)

Mad Skillz kicked off the new year with his “Rap Up” followed by a diss track aimed at Uncle Murda titled “Murda Gram”. Where did all of this come from all of a sudden? It stems back from Uncle Murda doing yearly rap-ups similar to Mad Skillz, and to add fuel to Skillz verbal assault on wax, Murda was mentioning his name each time in a way that didn’t sit well with the V.A. Native. So where does it go from here? To be totally honest, I think Uncle Murda got what he wanted from Skillz which is a response, and there’s a strong possibility you will not be getting a back and forth from these two dope MC’s.

However, Uncle Murda has been known to be one of it not the only rapper in the game to go sub-zero on anybody he seems fit to put in his rhymes, so, on the other hand you possibly can get a response track from Uncle Murda today or over the weeked, who knows. Overall it should make good for great Hip Hop competitiveness AKA the culture.

Check out Mad Skillz diss track below.

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