Kids Are Protesting President-Elect Donald Trump But Why? (Video)

Never in the history of the United States Of America has there been an outrage over a President-Elect until Donald Trump won the presidency. It’s been seven days since Mr. Trump was announced the winner of this year’s presidential election and millions of people are still in denial of what they’ve witnessed, while others have accepted the outcome and moving on with their lives.

A couple days ago college students decided to express their displeasure in Donald Trump’s presidency but it didn’t stop there. Today you have High School students including elementary school students protesting a president that hasn’t been sworn in yet, and raises the question as to why are these babies in the streets protesting when they should be in school?

Kids shouldn’t have to feel the burden of what adults feel, but we live in a society where nothing is kept secret and kids are very keen to what’s happening in their country. Some will say “Take your little bad butts back in class, what do you know about democracy or hypocrisy”?

Well just so you’ll know: A toddler doesn’t have to understand adult dealings to feel what’s going on around them. For an example: If parents are having a disagreement and an argument ensues what’s the first thing that toddler does? CRY! Why? Because the energy doesn’t feel right to that child, thus the reason why you see babies in the streets protesting president-elect Donald Trump. Video below

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