Khalil Kain Says Hip Hop Ain’t What It Used To Be, Do You Agree With Him?

Actor Khalil Kain stopped by Vlad’s to discuss his experience working with Tupac Shakur and during the conversation he said Hip Hop ain’t what it used to be. Do you agree with him? I mean you got your Kendrick Lamar’s, Wale’s, J Cole’s, Logic, Maino, Papoose, Meek Mill and others so just from that mini line-up alone I’d have to totally disagree with him.

However, the way he explained his reasoning for Hip Hop not being what it was is totally understandable.

Today’s Hip Hop scene is transparent with the help of social media and music is coming out at a rapid pace oppose to how you had to patiently wait on your favorite rapper to drop a project. And when it dropped, you brought the album no matter how much it cost and you appreciated the hard work they put in.

Can Hip Hop go back to that golden place? Never, not in a million lifetimes, but I’m pretty confident about today’s rappers that are putting it down and carrying on tradition. Check out the interview below.

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