Kanye West Saying “Slavery Was A Choice” For Black People Misconstrued?

Kanye West is catching backlash for saying “Slavery Was A Choice” for black people during a TMZ interview, but was his statement misconstrued? There’s a double edged sword to Kanye blurting out what he said. On one hand you’re like “Kanye, do you know the history of slavery in America for black people? And in another instance when you slow down to hear another side of the sword and say “Oh, He was saying black people could’ve revolted against the powers that forced us into slavery like cattle”.

Either way you try to look at this firestorm the court of internet-public opinion will always have a 50-50 lopsided way of looking at things; and it doesn’t make it any better when you’re touching on a sensitive topic like slavery.

Previous to the interview with TMZ, Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God had the privilege in flying out to Kanye’s  home and touching on several topics he cares about with “Free Thought” being one of them. What is Free thought? It is something that always came with a price whether it be negative or positive for speaking your mind.

Check out Kanye’s latest interview below.

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