Jay Z Performs “Family Feud” LIVE In The BBC Radio Lounge (Video)

Jay Z headlining Hip Hop news heavy on the net and it ain’t because of no drama, it’s his recently released instant classic album 444. The ROC Nation CEO treated fans to a dope “Family Feud” performance Live in the BBC Radio 1 Lounge and killed it. If you’re the type to feel chills when you hear one of your favorite songs of 2017, you might wanna grab a hoodie before watching/listening because it’s cold.

Favorite line on Jay Z’s “Family Feud” song: “Nobody wins when the family feuds, But my stash can’t fit into Steve Harvey’s suit. I’m clear why I’m here, how about you? Ain’t no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I’m cute. (Mmmmm) Pretty much If anybody gettin’ handsome checks, it should be us. F*** rap, crack cocaine Nah, we did that, black-owned things”

Family Feud in the Live Lounge by JAY-Z on VEVO.

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