Jae Millz Ready To Battle K-Shine After 12-Year Lay Off? (Video)

I asked a Hip Hop question back in April of this year and it was would Jae Millz be willing to battle Murda Mook again? Well, we won’t be seeing the sequel to Millz VS Mook battle no time soon but Rare Breed has managed to pull the Harlem, NY native out of retirement to face the scheme-king K-Shine.

I’m not going to lie to you, at first I thought this was some kind of joke but it’s very real and Jae Millz is one of the battle rappers that comes from the early Smack URL days I wanted to see get back in their bag.

Some may say that 12-years is a long time to catch up to the speed of the way battle rap operates. It has changed a lot since Millz been in the ring but what if I told you that even though Jae has been absent from the ring he’s been watching every battle since then? Once battle rapping is in your blood it stays in your veins no matter how far you get in life or how much time you’ve spent away from it.

Should be a good one between Jae Millz VS K-Shine come November 3rd. Check out some content from both battle rap MC’s below.

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