Is Flirting A Form Of Cheating When You’re Married?

You’ve probably read something similar to this topic throughout your internet surfing experience but it’s still a hot topic among married couples and people who are dating alike. Is flirting a form of cheating when you’re married? Well, it all depends on what your partner is willing to except for one. Most married couples man and woman will tell you quick “Hell, Yeah That’s Cheating”, while others would say “Look, talk but don’t touch”. What you don’t know is you can be unintentionally flirting and not even realizing it.

For An Example Starting With The Women: A married woman by nature is dedicated to her spouse with all her heart and 90% of the time married women give more curve-balls to temptation more than men. What happens when she’s wearing clothes that reveal her beauty is something different altogether. She may not realize that her figure and beauty is one of the most attractive things on this earth, and men only see what’s presented to them.

If you tried to tell a woman “Hey, That’s too damn tight for you to be wearing” she’s more than likely to tell you “I’m not dressing like no old a** woman, I need to feel comfortable in my clothes”…LOL, She’s right. Women will not wear anything unless it feels comfortable to them and they cannot help that their mama gave them something that’s very attractive. So, does this make her a flirt? What if her man doesn’t approve and yet she still wears clothing that reveals much?

Last Example With The Men. You’ve heard the saying from women over the years “All Men Are Dogs” and that may be true for some of you (Roof Roof Head MoFo’s) 🙂 . But, all men are not a four-legged beast. A study shows that married men are 50% more likely to flirt versus single men but why? Most married men that have been their marriage 10-years or better become bored of the normal and the first thing smoking and willing to entertain his throwback-ego before he became married he’s likely to bite.

How can you prevent your spouse from flirting too much? Can you control what goes on while you’re not around them? Nope, the only thing you can do is trust that you’re in a relationship with a person that doesn’t see anything on the outside but their love.

Honestly, I don’t look at flirting while married in the form of cheating. Humans are naturally connected to one another and when you see something handsome or beautiful to your eyes and say to yourself “Damn He or She is Fine AF” while married, don’t fret, it’s totally normal to have admiration for God’s creation.

Flirting Gone Too Far  Now if you’re in a married and on social media where there is plenty of temptation to go around you may have your hands full. It’s so easy to get caught up in direct messaging anyone other than your spouse. Some will say why does that person have so much time on their hands anyway? Well, everybody has a cellphone with internet on these days and whether they’re at work or at home one can easily make time to bump gums with someone other than their spouse. Co-workers are even more dangerous.

We’d like to hear what you think about this topic even though we didn’t hit on a lot of things, feedback is needed to help us understand is flirting a form of cheating while married. Thanks for reading.

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