If Redskins Keep Their Balanced Attack They Can Replicate 1992 (Video)

The Washington Redskins dominated the Oakland Raiders 27-10 on SNF at FedEx Field. Even with the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Redskins Defense/Offense is remaining solid on their balanced attack, and last night it showed that if Washington can keep this going, they can replicate the glorious year of 1992.

Yes, I know it’s too early to be discussing Superbowl predictions or snagging a playoff spot, but there was something magical about their matchup with the Raiders I haven’t seen in 12-years. As a longtime Redskin fan, I was very happy with both Defense and Offense performances.

I have no individual stats to report on last night’s game because it was a total team effort coaches included. Another thing to note is that Washington like other teams around the NFL took a knee or locked arms during the singing of the national anthem. The movement stems from former QB Colin Kaepernick kneeling back in 2016 to peacefully protest the injustice and unfair treatment of Afro Americans in the USA.

Next week Washington will face the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs on the road which is another huge test against an undefeated team. It’ll be something special for the this team to go in Arrowhead Stadium and get a Win heading into their bye-week because it’ll put the rest of the NFC East on notice that Washington is contending and not pretending. Check Out some highlights below. Photo Cred: Redskins.

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