Hip Hop Turns 44-Years Old Today, How Are You Celebrating It? (Video)

Today August 11,2017 marks the 44th anniversary of a genre that changed the landscape of music forever. What genre is that? Hip Hop music, and it all started out with DJ Kool Herc throwing a back to school party in the Bronx,NY back in 1973. Kool Herc used two turn tables to break the beat which was something unheard of for party goers back then, but it was new, fresh and dope as hell. That important tool Kool Herc invented would later translate into break dancing/b-boying, one of the five elements of Hip Hop.

The sound of Hip Hop back in the day had a loud message of consciousness, awareness, unity and very upbeat with a lot of energy that made your body gravitate to the love and art of it. This evolution has given birth to your favorite DJ’s and MC’s today. We ask the trillion dollar question though: Where would the world be without Hip Hop?

How are you celebrating the birth of Hip Hop today?

We hope that you are jamming out to some of your favorite Hip Hop songs whether it be old or new, and if you’re not, you are a sucker MC, BOYEEEE…lol

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