Got It: Finally Figured Out Fred Hammond’s “It’s Mines” Bridge (Audio)

Last night on a part of our show we call “Sunday Night Worship And Praise”, I ran into a snag trying to figure out Fred Hammond‘s 2014 hit single “It’s Mine”. What problem I had? Figuring out the lyrics to the bridge of the song and I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere on the net. So earlier this morning I told myself that I’ll give it another listen without earphones on to see what I can come up with and there they were in plain site.

Some may ask the question “Why Is A 4-Year Old Gospel Song Such A Big Deal?”, and I’ll simply tell them that great music doesn’t have a time limit and music matters to me. Lyrics to the bridge below.

“As I bless him for things that he’s prepared for me, I’m standing strong in faith and I’ll say it over and over and I will declare every cree. I’m telling you that it’s mines.”

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