Getting Out Of Hand: Santa Fe, Texas, Shooting Leaves Several Dead!

Santa Fe High School was placed on lockdown around 8:00 am due to another school shooting this morning and according to reports the active shooter left 8 people dead and others injured. Sad reality is that there’s been dozens of school shootings in 2018 alone and it’s alarming rate is causing young people to take actions in their own hands.

This could be bad for school economic wise because they’ll demand better security or simply sit out and get home schooling causing teachers to lose their jobs, and that’ll be another protest within itself.

The number No.1 question everyone wants to know is what will the government do about it because this is clearly getting out of hand! No child should have to worry about getting shot while learning to compete in the free-world and there needs to be a prompt solution on tougher gun laws now before it gets even crazier. Prayers are going out to the victims family and friends and everyone affected by this tragic news today.

Read more here on Fox 5 DC

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