Floyd Mayweather On Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Boxing Match (Video)

Floyd Mayweather promotions are currently hands on with Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy celebrity boxing match, but will Money Mayweather be training Soulja? According to the man himself, he said he never went on record to say he would train the Atlanta artist, but suggested his company will promote the fight. Meanwhile, Legendary boxer Mike Tyson went on record literally and told the world he’s training Chris Brown. Yeah, you read that correctly. Iron Mike Tyson has made a diss song towards Soulja Boy titled “If You Show Up” and it sounds funny as hell 🙂

When will the fight take place? Some are speculating that it’s going down in March, while others are saying the event may take place in Dubai. To be honest, it can take place on Mars and it’ll still be entertaining because Mega Hip Hop artist such as 50 Cent is bringing a “Put The Guns Down” into a culture who forgot what knuckling up is all about. In recent years, Hip Hop fans have seen what egos can lead to especially with social media into play.

There’s been a number of Hip Hop deaths recorded in this culture, so look forward to more celebrities with beef on their shoulders to take the same approach. Check out Floyd Mayweathers brief interview with Fighthype below, and let us know what you think.

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