Exclusive: The One Common Mistake That Break Up Couples Everyday!

Have you ever heard a man or woman use the term when involved with someone “That’s My Man or That’s My Girl”? Ofcourse you have once in your lifetime. But I find that term to be thrown around loosely because 49% of couples dating doesn’t really know what it means for that woman or man to be your mate.

The one common mistake couples make is becoming lovers before they become friends. A lot of couples based their stamp of a love connection based on the way that person is making them feel intimately without knowing that person very well.

It will cost you an investment all the money in the world can’t buy when you offer yourself to someone you barely know. That person you’re pursuing could have it going on in the bedroom but attitude/ energy has you torn in between wanting to feel good physically and being abused mentally. That’s still your man or woman?

In a lot of common cases where couples try love and it doesn’t work out it leaves behind vulnerability to get into something else new, but the question you have to ask yourself is: Did I learn from my previous mistake?

On the other hand if you have a couple that’s willing to work past whatever they’ve been through, more than likely they’ll become the best of friends and wonder to themselves why haven’t they gotten to know each other better in the first place.

Well, It’s just that. It shouldn’t have to take a love-hiccup to realize the more you’ve grown to know that person the better your relationship would be. Even if that couple becomes the best of friends they’ll always be something you guys will disagree about but you can rest your head assure that he or she will always be your best friend. Thanks for reading.

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