Exclusive: Celebrity Dreams Come To Life (Video)

First and foremost I’d like to wish a Happy New Years to our faithful readers, and I’m glad that you are here with us in the land of the living 2018. As you all may or may not know, I Daddymack362 conducts a musical sharing show by way of Twitter/ YouTube. Sometimes before the show I may ramble a little bit just to get warmed up or may have a meaningful story or dream to share with our Twitter family.

This past December 27, 2017, I shared a celebrity dream which is something I do from time to time because I don’t mind, and I know that rhymed…lol I had a weird dream about me and actor/singer Tyrese fishing on a boat in a foreign land. Tyrese caught a big fish and I caught a little one, and so I asked whether or not these bad boys was going into some cooking oil for dinner, but he had other plans in mind. Check out the Tweets from December 27, 2017 below.

Crazy dream right? And some may say “What In The Heck Is He Doing Dreaming About Celebrities?”, well, as I explained on social media, I’ve been pretty much in the know of celebrity life going on 7-years now, and it’s not like think about celebrities everyday or worship them, it’s just that my subconscious stores them in from their music (NOT DRAMA), just to clear that up.

Fast forwarding to the first day of 2018 I just so happen to stumble across a Facebook post by Tyrese and his Queen on a boat catching lobster. Not quite the dream I had on 12/27,2017, but the reality of Tyrese being on a boat three days later after my celebrity dream share just recently blew my mind. Video below, Thanks for reading.

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