Eminem Feat. Beyoncé “Walk On Water” (Audio)

Eminem collaborates with Beyoncé Carter for new single “Walk On Water” which could possibly land on his upcoming album or easily on a movie soundtrack. Listening to this track puts you in the mind of his classic single “Stan” but without the dark beat he was rhyming over. It’s more like an MC battling himself inside of his head and that can be a crazy place for someone whose held to a higher standard lyrically and creatively.

This single has gotten mixed reviews from Hip Hop fans with some saying they didn’t like it but you gotta ask yourself why? Could it be that Hip Hop has gone to a place where if the lyricist isn’t rhyming over a 808-trap beat it ain’t dope? Could be for some. As for other listeners that have trained ears to hear quality music whether it be over a trap beat or acappella- they seem to like this latest product from Marshall.

Check out Eminem’s new single below.

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