EDO.G “Brick Buildings” (Video)

EDO.G kicks off 2018 with visuals for “Brick Buildings” which was shot by Adam Kilk in Berlin. This single comes from EDO.G’s latest 6th studio album FreEDOm and if you’re interested in supporting dope artist, click here to get ED’s latest project that comes with a nice bundle for an affordable price. Video Below!

1. Beast (Produced by Torchbars
2. Brick Buildings (Produced by Kelz with tha heat
3. Hustle/Gamble (Produced by Roycee
4. FreEDOm Featuring Pearl Gates
5. Hate Featuring Marcela Cruz (Vocals) & Ethan Black (Violin)

1. Boom (Produced by Sir Williams)
2. It Is Featuring Da Bulldogs
3. Smoke Featuring Masta Ace
4. She had so much soul (Produced by Geronimo X)
5. Blues Featuring Big Rush
6. Left Behind (Produced by Sirplus)

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