Dr Umar Johnson Goes Off On Sara Suten Seti In A Heated Video Rant!

We’ve all seen where Hip Hop can lead when tempers flair between two or more MC’s leading up to Hip Hop Beef right? Hell, even in R&B there’s been documented beef, but have you ever seen two conscious speakers air one another out? It’s been done before back in the civil rights movement where you had one party criticizing the other party for whatever reason.

Conscious speaker Dr. Umar Johnson had some heated words for another conscious person name Sara Suten Seti, and in his heated rant, he called this man out so badly we can’t believe these words are coming from someone who speaks on uplifting the black race among other positive things to better his people.

What did Sara Suten do to piss Umar off? He’ll let you know everything you need to know once you press play on the YouTube video.

The blast off starts at the 3:03 mark, check it out and guard your ears. Note: This site doesn’t promote beef that may cause a conflict between two persons, however, if it’s promoting a friendly challenge like you’ll see below, we’re all for it. Thank You

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