Daz Dillinger Talks Grinding, Weed Revenue, Nate Dogg And More (Video)

West coast legend Daz Dillinger of the Dogg Pound Gangsterz chops it up with B-Real in the Smoke B to discuss grinding music, getting weed-money the legal way, which is something that was unheard of 20-years ago. He also revealed the late and great Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) marijuana of choice which was Kush, and how he would “Smoke Your Sh*t Up  But Never Pitch In For It”.

If you’re a fan of Daz’s music, you could be getting your hands on a new double-cd titled “Dazamataz” later this year or early 2018. The 44-Year Old producer mentioned that he’s 20 + songs in but songs keep hittin’ him rapidly.

Check out Daz interview with B-Real Below.

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