Chrisette Michele Talks Miscarriage, Regretting Trump Performance And More!

Singer Chrisette Michele opens up about her recent miscarriage due to overwhelming stress, and if you know anything about a woman carrying a baby; extreme negative energy can cause an over exhausted fetus to go back to it’s heighten electric state of stability. The internet went bonkers when they found out Chrisette was performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration in which we think that she was doing nothing more than sending positive vibes into the atmosphere to calm down people disappointed at the outcome of this years election.

It’s one thing to receive public hate in real life versus the internet ganging up on you and spewing hate your way full-speed ahead. Chrisette explained to The Breakfast Club that she didn’t use social media for a while during the time she was criticized heavily.

She also spoke on being dropped from her label, being suicidal, new music and much more in the interview below. Thanks for reading.

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