Cam Newton Apologizes For Sexist Comments He Made To Female Reporter (Video)

In today’s society we live in a highly sensitive era (Mainly On Social Media) where just about anything you say will be held against you in the court of public opinion. Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton experienced this the other day when he was asked a football question by a female reporter who took offense to his sexist response. So what did he say that was so offensive to this reporter?

“It’s funny to hear a female talking about routes”. From his response, it seemed as if Cam wasn’t used to female reporters asking football questions like that, and we’ll go even further to say he probably was amused at a woman asking him oppose to a guy asking. Clearly his comment was taken out of context but as of result he lost a few endorsements and “Countless Fans”.

Last Note On Cam Newton’s latest hiccup: It ain’t that deep Baby, Seriously! We’ve asked several women about Cam saying what he said and they all agreed that an apology was not necessary and to quote them “People Are Just Being Plain Ol Petty”.  Video below.

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