Bump J “I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated” (Mixtape Stream)

Bump J hits us off with a brand new mixtape titled “I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated” and comes with 9 thumpers to lace your subwoofers up with something nice. Tracks that stood out were “Foe Phones”, “Diesel”, “Rolling”, and “My Dawgs”. Check out Bump Js Brand New mixtape below.

1. Foe Phones (Prod.By Cardo)
2. Fast Life (Prod. By Cardo)
3. Diesel (Prod. By CAMEone)
4. CEO (Prod. By MoneyMotivatedMu$ic)
5. Rolling (Prod. By The ANMLS)
6. Boss & The Shooter (Prod. By Eloh)
7. OvaFocused (Prod. By Juice)
8. CDL (Prod. By DY)
9. My Dawgs (Prod. By Eloh)

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