After Further Review: Murda Mook VS Aye Verb (Full Battle)

After further review of Murda Mook VS Aye Verb battle conducted by Rare Breeds, I did some reevaluating and what I’ve found was rather disturbing. Yes, I gave the battle to Aye Verb 2-1 on first impressions and can honestly say I misjudged the battle based on Verb’s electric lyrical energy, however, after further review, the ruling in this battle is overturned. If you watch and listening closely to everything Murda Mook is saying to his opponent you’ll scratch your head and say “He just put me in the battle-rap matrix”.

Here’s where myself and other battle-rap fans alike gave the first round/ battle to Aye Verb. Verb started out with a vicious gut-check to Mook looking into the soul of the man. His second was official as well but, yo, watch it again for yourselves and if you’re a die-hard fan of battle rap the way I am you’ll see things differently too.

For the record, I’ll go on record again to say Aye Verb has improved a great deal over the years and I’d like to see more of this guy soon. Would I like to see a rematch? Hmm…I’m good on one of them for right now, but if it were to present itself again I’ll watch it. Full Battle Below!

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