50 Cent’s “Get The Strap” Slogan Created By Courtney Kemp?

I’m quite sure by now you’ve ran across a 50 Cent post on social media with him saying “Get The Strap”, and incase you were wondering where he got it from look no further than his partner in cable TV Courtney Kemp. The Power creators sat down with Jack Thriller to discuss upcoming season 6 of hit TV show Power which airs July 1st and during the conversation it was also revealed that Courtney came up with “Whatever they say he did, he did that sh*t” line from Power as well.

The Power writer explained “She’s been influenced” by her co-worker (50 Cent) and it’s natural when you listen to somebody you’ve been working closely with over the years. Check out 50 Cent and Courtney’s brief interview followed by a preview of P.S.6 below.

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