21 Savage Opens Up About O.G. Rappers Criticizing The New Generation!

Hip Hop is a culture that reflects the reality of Hip Hop artist surroundings, lifestyle, hardship, and etc… Since the beginning of Hip Hop back in the early 70s, the genre has gone places unimaginable forty + moons ago.

The new generation of Hip Hop artist (preferably speaking from 2010 to current) are receiving mixed feelings on the direction Hip Hop is going, but 21 Savage among other new generation artist refuse to be the “Scapegoat”

Why do so many of these “OG Rappers” judge the new generation? They saw we make drug user music like making drug selling music is better. What’s the difference? What about the fact that rap is the number one genre of music right now? None of y’all acknowledge that.

Artist been snorting cocaine and smoking crack since the 70s and 80s, did y’all forget that? Instead of judging how, how about y’all make a change. If the message in the previous generation of rap was so good why did so many of our parents abandon us for crack? Why we still killing each other?

We think one of the main problems OG rappers have with today’s generation of rappers is 70% of artist in the game sound alike. The drug usage in Hip Hop is nothing new as 21 Savage said. Drug selling is nothing new in Hip Hop either, so where do we find balance between young and older artist? Simple. Teach if you’re old and learn if you’re young. Either way this ends both young and old artist can learn from each other.

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